Food that brings people together!

We all have family food that elicits fond memories because of who we share it with, the traditions around it, and the feelings that come from being with your favorite people.

Grandma Celita

My Grandma Celia, or Celita as she was affectionately called, loved to gather her family together sharing traditional Mexican food she grew up with from Puebla, Mexico. Her great sense of humor always started the party and she especially enjoyed a good laugh, delicious food, and an ice-cold margarita!

Photo of Grandma Celita
Photo of salsa in bowl with fresh ingredients.

Food Meant to Share

Taking a page from grandma Celita's book, salsa was always the food I loved to prepare specifically to share. It became THE go-to item I would bring to gatherings with friends for many years.  

Friends would commonly ask if I could make my salsa for parties, give the recipe, or if they could buy some! I often searched for a similar salsa that was easily available but time after time, they came up short compared to grandma Celita's recipe. Always "too chunky", "too watery", or "too sweet".

Picture of bottling process.Picture of the bottling process.Picture of Becky stirring salsa.

Sharing Our Tradition

We are excited to share the result of our labor of love! Chica Celita's is an authentic, addictive salsa that packs a fun party vibe. Even those who claim they ‘don’t like salsa’ tend to love its smooth, blended, cling-to-your-chip consistency and delicious flavor.

Chica Celita’s has quickly become a local fan favorite and we hope you will share our tradition at the next gathering of YOUR favorite people!

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Join the fun and grab a jar!

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